About Games for Crowds

Built by Loquiz. Powered by Kokimoki.


Our Story

Games for Crowds story is much bigger than just Games for Crowds (G4C). The team behind G4C is Loquiz team. Loquiz is a game platform used in over 50 countries around the world.

G4C was born for a seminar where we had just 2 minutes to introduce and run a game for hundreds of people. So we developed first game for G4C - TIC-TAC-TOE. A game you can set up and run in seconds for thousands of participants.

Important part of G4C is an AI editor that allows anybody to modify the games - translate and brand them to run them at your own events. We call the editor KÖKIMÖKI (Estonian word for piece of cake). It is text based editor accompanied by AI agent that will do the modifications for you.

And to achieve all that our team has also developed Kokimoki framework. It is set up for the software developers to develop webapps that take massive amount of simultaneous connections and handle semi-real-time communication with them.

There are many other concepts developed with KOKIMOKI framework and there are many apps that connect to Kokimoki editor. Games for Crowds is one of them.